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Candida Recovery

For many years I suffered with candida albicans, which is an overgrowth of yeast in the system. Due to recurrent chronic vaginal yeast infections, I read everything I could about yeast and diagnosed myself as a sufferer of candida.

Everything I read said that I would have to change my diet, which I loathed to do, since I was addicted to sugar and caffeine. 

I spoke with many doctors about my recurrent yeast problem being related to a systemic infection, and none of them believed that such a condition existed. None of them asked me about my diet.  They all said, "You're just one of those unlucky women."

But I knew that it was not normal to live that way and I kept pursuing my options and finally found a naturopath in the USA who had a reputation for clearing candida in a 30-day program.

I went to him in the Spring of 1995 and that day changed my life.  I recovered swiftly and completely from my yeast problem and immediately put my story online for everyone else to see.

The complete story of my candida recovery can be found in its own website. Main links are as follows:


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Muscle Testing


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