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Section 1
Line Dance Step Sheets

Section 2
Clogging Cuesheets
Translations into French
Speed Irene
Includes links to Music Videos so you can listen to the music while looking at the Cuesheet!!

Section 1: Line Dance Step Sheets

  Dance Name
(click song name for step sheet)
Artist Video Description # Walls # Beats
1 A Good Hearted Woman
A Good Hearted Woman  en français
LeAnn Rimes Yes Beginner or Absolute Beginner 4 32
2 A Littla Bitta Me René & Renato Yes Beginner, phrased 1 32
3 Adios, and not Goodbye (Spanish Eyes) Roger Whittaker Yes Rumba, High Beginner 4 32
4 Ain't No Denying
Ain't No Denying  en français
Rita MacNeil   Beginner or Absolute Beginner 4 32
5 American Kids Kenny Chesney Yes Low Intermediate 4 48
6 Answer Me Tony Evans & His Orchestra Yes High Beginner Waltz 4 24 
7 Banana Coco
Published in Line Dancer Magazine April Issue, see page 41
Banana Coco  en français

Liza Da Costa Yes High Beginner Cha Cha, 2 tags,  one restart 4 32
8 Beer Barrel Polka Mitch Miller Yes Polka, High Beginner, 3 tags 4 32
9 Beginner's Jig Raymond J. Smythe Yes Low Beginner Irish Jig 2 32
10 Bells of Angelus  co-choreographed
with Rita Masur
Phil Coulter Yes Intermediate Waltz, 2 tags 4 48
12 Beyond the Sea Rod Stewart Yes Low Intermediate Foxtrot 4 48
13 Black Horse & The Cherry Tree  K.T. Tunstall Yes Beginner 4 32
14 Blue Skirt Waltz Rusty Draper Yes Beginner Viennese Waltz 48 4
15 Blueberry Hill Fats Domino Yes Beginner 4 32
16 Boppin' With The Blues The Powder Blues Band Yes
High Beginner (syncopated) 4 32
17 But I Do (I don't know why I love you) Charlie Landsborough Yes Beginner 2 64
18 Buzz's Jig The Elders Yes Intermediate, 4-wall, w/ intro 4 32
19 Bourbon Street Parade Steve Tucker All Star Jazz Band Yes Beginner 4 32
20 Calendar Girl Neil Sedaka


Jive, Beginner 1 32
21 Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen Yes Beginner, 1 restart 4 32
22 Can't Help Falling in Love Joe Loss & His Orchestra   Waltz, Beginner, 1 tag & restart 1 48
23 Can't Smile Barry Manilow Yes Beginner slow easy dance, 1 tag 4 32
24 Capone Ian Lumley Yes Intermediate Foxtrot, 2 restarts 4 48
25 Capone EZ  
Capone EZ en français
Ian Lumley Yes Improver Level Rumba, Phrased 4 Ph.
26 Cathy's Clown The Blue Diamonds Yes Two-Step - Mambo 4 32
27 Chaka Chaka
Chaka Chaka Head Cues
Rosanna Rocci


Cha Cha - Intermediate, Phrased   Ph.
28 Cheap Thrills Sia Yes Beginner/Improver 4 32
29 Chica Chica Bouke Yes Samba, High Beginner 2 32
30 Christmas Wishes Ann Murray Yes Beginner Waltz 4 24
31 Colonel Bogey Mitch Miller Ultra Beginner 1 32
32 Come on and marry me Bill Fifth Dimension Yes Improver 2 48
33 Could I have this Dance Anne Murray


Waltz, Beginner 1 48
34 Country Girl (Shake it for me)
(Not published, same routine as Black Horse & The Cherry Tree)
Luke Bryan   Beginner 4 32


Cowboy Casanova Carrie Underwood Yes Straight Rhythm (no syncopation) Beginner 2 32
36 Cowboy Up Jill Johnson Yes Two-step, High Beginner 4 32
37 Crazy Eyes Don McLean   Phrased 2 64
38 Crazy Talk (aka Mary Ann Regrets)  Chilliwack Yes Improver 4 64
39 Cuando Calienta el Sol Kelly Kenning Yes Nightclub Intermediate 4 32
40 Cute Boot Scooter
Cute Boot Scooter en français
Johnny Chester & the Lonesome Hearts Yes
Straight Rhythm, High Beginner 4 32
41 Dance With Me Tonight Olly Murs Yes
Improver 4 64
42 Dans ta chambre Dany Brillant Yes Cha Cha, Improver 4 32
43 Darlin' Johnny Reid Yes Improver 4 32
44 Dominette Domino by Jessie J   Ultra Beginner 4 32
45 Do you Believe in Love Huey Lewis and the News Yes Improver 4 32
46 Dr. Wanna Do Caro Emerald Yes Beginner, 1 easy restart on wall 2 4 32
47 Eat Sleep Love 
Eat Sleep Love en français

Rodney Atkins Yes Beginner, 2 wall no tags or restarts 2 32
48 Everytime Ronnie Furr High Beginner 4 32
49 Exactly Like You Foxtrot
November Rain (same routine)
Tony Bennett & K.D. Lang
Dancetime with Linda and Roland
Beginner Foxtrot 2 32
50 Falling in Love René and Renato Yes Beginner Viennese Waltz 2 24
51 Farewell to Nova Scotia Tommy Makem Yes Low Intermediate Level 4 36
52 Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue Tony Evans Orchestra or
Guy Lombardo Orchestra
Yes Quickstep, Improver 2 32
53 Fifteen Minutes Rodney Atkins   Two-Step, Easy Intermediate 1 32
54 First Hello Roger Whittaker Yes Easy Intermediate with repeating tag 4 32
55 Flowers for Mama (sad song)
(Not published, under revision)
George Jones   High Beginner Waltz 1 54
56 Fly Away Helmut Lotti Yes Low Intermediate Waltz 1 48
57 Four Strong Winds Ian Tyson Yes Ultra Beginner 4 32
58 Freedom Ronnie Furr   Beginner Two-Step 2 32
59 Girl from Ipanema, The
See The Girl from Ipanema
Lou Rawls Beginner 4 64
60 Good Girl Carrie Underwood Yes Ultra Beginner, straight rhythm 4 32
61 Groovy Little Summer Song
** Selected for Christmas Compilation  by
James Otto Yes Cha Cha, Beginner 1 or 4 32
62 Heaven With You Daniel O'Donnell Yes
Beginner Waltz 2 48
63 Here we Are Neil Sedaka   Intermediate level Samba 4 32
64 Hit Me with a Hot Note
2 versions of music
Short version was edited to match an online video.
Tami Tappan Damiano Yes (short)
Low Beginner with easy tag 4 32
65 Hit the Road Jack
Not submitted because of shortened music
Ray Charles   Ultra Beginner Straight Rhythm 2 32
66 I Love a Rainy Night 
Not submitted
Eddie Rabbitt   Beginner 4 32
67 I Love Beach Music The Embers Yes West Coast Swing, and Two-Step Beginner/Improver 64
68 I Saw Linda Yesterday BlackJack or Dickey Lee   Beginner Straight Rhythm 4 64
69 I Sing a Polka  DJ Alpi Yes Beginner Polka 1 32
70 If I Run  The Harters Yes
Canter Waltz, Intermediate 4 36
71 I'll Accept the Rose   Rita MacNeil Yes Rumba, High Beginner 3 restarts 4 68
72 It Only Took A Kiss Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Yes Mixed rhythm Foxtrot & Jive 4 Ph
73 In a Little Spanish Town Blue Diamonds Yes Improver level, Cha Cha 4 32
74 In the Navy
In the Navy en français

Village People Yes Low Beginner 4 32
75 Innamorati Toto Cutugno Yes High Beginner, 3 easy restarts 4 32
76 Jailhouse Rock
(written for a 50s theme dance)
Elvis Presley Yes Absolute Beginner, written for kids' 50s dance 4 32
77 Jamaican Farewell Kingston Trio Two-Step, Beginner with tags 2 32
78 Jambalaya Fats Domino Yes Two-Step, Low Beginner 1 64
79 Jesse's Waltz Tony Evans and his Orch. yes Improver Waltz 4 48
80 Just an Old Fashioned Girl Ross Mitchell & His Band Yes Tango, Beginner 2 64
81 Kawliga Marty Robbins Yes Improver level with 2 restarts 4 40
82 Last Night's Dance Chris Anderson Yes Straight Rhythm, Ultra Beginner 2 or 4 32
83 Let's Go Dancing Foster Martin Band Yes Two-Step, Beginner 2 32
84 L'Italiano Toto Cutugno Yes High Beginner 2 32
85 Let's Twist Again  
Let's Twist Again en français
Chubby Checker Yes (me)
Yes (group)
Absolute Beginner, written for kids' 50s dance 4 32
86 Liquid Lunch Caro Emerald Yes
High Beginner with Tag 4 32
87 Little Town Flirt Del Shannon Yes Easy Intermediate 2 56
88 Lonely Goatherd Julie Andrews Yes Improver Level Two-step/Cha 4 32
89 Lookin' for a Love Neil Young Yes Two-step, High Beginner 4 64
90 Mariachi Love Call Alex Swings Oscar Sings Yes Merengue, Beginner 2 48
91 Mama Africa Two in One Improver 4 32
92 Mary Ann Regrets Waylon Jennings Yes Improver, 1 easy tag 4 64
93 Meat and Potato Man
Has ranked in Kickit's Top 10 Most Taught dances
Meat and Potato Man en français
Alan Jackson Yes
Absolute Beginner 4 32
94 Merengue in the Sun,  
Co-choreographed with Jenifer Wolf
Merengue in the Sun en français
Saragossa Band Yes Improver 4 32
95 Mexicali Rose Wim Pols Yes Low Beginner Waltz 4 24
96 Moonlight and Clover Rita MacNeil Yes Waltz, Beginner, Intro, 1 tag and modified ending 1 36
97 Moving South Rumba Ross Mitchell & his Band Yes Rumba, Beginner 4 32
98 Muchachito Ashly Cruz Yes
Samba style, Intermediate/Adv 2 64
99 My Donegal Shore   Yes Waltz, phrasing & 1 tag 1 30
100 My Tango Baby   Ashly Cruz Yes Low Int. Phrased 4 Ph.
101 Need You Now Lady Antebellum Yes Beginner, Phrased 1 Ph.
102 Neon Rose Mel Tillis Yes Two-step, Improver 2 Ph.
103 Non Dimenticar Jack Hansen and his Orchestra Yes Beginner Rumba 4 32
104 None So Enchanting as You Roosy Yes Fast (quick step), Intermediate 4 64
105 Play it Again Luke Bryan Yes Country two-step, Beginner 4 32
106 Pontoon
(not published - based on Beginner's Jig)
Little Big Town   Similar to Beginner's Jig, with 2 restarts on walls 4 & 8, shuffles turn 3/4 instead of 1/2 4 32
107 Red, Red Wine Neil Diamond Two-step, Beginner
(good for reviewing basics)
4 72
108 Release Me Roger Miller Yes
Rumba, Beginner 4 32
109 Raggle Taggle Easy Derek Ryan Yes Two-step, Beginner (fast) 4 40
110 Rose of Tralee Roger Whittaker Yes Intermediate Waltz with Variations on Walls 3 & 6; Restart on Wall 3 2 48
111 Rum and Coca Cola Andrews Sisters Yes Mambo, Improver (high beg.) 4 40
112 Sam, you made the pants too long Claire Yes Low Beginner 1 or 4 32
113 September in the Rain
** Made Copperknob's Top 10 Most Popular Dances for 2 weeks!
Rod Stewart Yes

Foxtrot, Beginner 2 32
114 Shine On Harvest Moon The Four Aces Ultra Beginner 4 32
115 Shutters and Boards
Shutters and Boards Head Cues
Porter Wagoner Waltz, Phrased, Easy Interm. 1 Ph.
116 Shutters and Boards December 2013 Dean Martin Yes
Waltz, Beginner 4 24
117 Snap Your Fingers  Joe Henderson Yes Low beginner 4 32
118 Somewhere My Love  Roger Whittaker Yes Beginner Waltz 4 48
119 Sonny's Dream Eddie Eastman Yes Improver 2 36
120 Sound of Silence Columbia Ballroom Orchestra Yes Easy Intermediate, no tags/restarts 2 64
121 Summer Wind Michael Bublé Yes High Beginner 4 64
122 Take me to your Heart Again Vince Hill Yes Foxtrot, Easy Intermediate 4 32
123 The Easy Way
The Easy Way  en français
Indigo Swing Yes Rumba, Straight Rhythm 4 32
124 The French Song  Lucille Star Yes Beginner 4 32
125 The Girl from Ipanema Lou Rawls   Beginner 4 64
126 The Lonely Goatherd
The Lonely Goatherd Head Cues
Julie Andrews


Polka, Easy Intermediate 1 Ph.
127 The Way We Ought To Be Indigo Swing Yes Foxtrot, Improver Level 2 32
128 This Ole Boy Craig Morgan Yes Easy Intermediate 4 64
129 This Thing Called Love Rita MacNeil Yes West Coast Swing, Easy Intermediate 4 32
130 Time in a Bottle    Nana Mouskouri Yes
Waltz, High Beg., 3-cnt tag & retart 4 48
131 Tonight Barbara Mandrell Yes
Waltz, Easy Intermediate, Phrased 4 24
132 Too Many Rivers   Brenda Lee Yes Nightclub Slow 4 32
133 Tornado Little Big Town Yes Two-step, Beginner 4 32
134 Velma McKay Foxtrot Ross Mitchell & His Band Yes Foxtrot, Beginner 4 32
135 Walkin' After Midnight
Walkin' After Midnight en français

Patsy Cline


Cha cha, Beginner 1 32
136 Walking in a Winter Wonderland Bing Crosby   Low Beginner Two-step 4 32
137 Walking to New Orleans Neil Young Cha cha, Beginner 4 32
138 Waltz Me To Heaven Waylon Jennings Yes
Beginner Waltz 1 48
139 Waltz With The Girl Michael English Yes Beginner waltz, no tags or restarts 1 48
140 Waltzing Your Memory Away Charly McClain Yes Beginner waltz, tag twice 4 48
141 Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets) Ross Mitchell &His Band Yes Tango, Intermediate Phrased 2 Ph.
142 Wheels Les Ook-Piks Yes Cha Cha, Beginner 4 32
143 While the Feeling's Good Kenny Rogers Yes Cha cha, High Beginner 4 32
144 Who Put the Bomp Barry Mann Yes Beginner, written for kids' 50s dance 4 32
145 Ya Ya Lee Dorsey   Absolute Beginner 2 32
146 You Feel Good All Over T.G. Sheppard Yes Waltz, Beginner 4 48
147 You Raise Me Up Waltz (Beginner) Susann Taylor Yes
Waltz, Beginner 1 48
148 You Raise Me Up Waltz (Interm.) Susann Taylor Yes Waltz, Intermediate 1 48
149 Your Mama Don't Dance (not published) Loggins & Messina   Beginner Straight Rhythm 4 32
150 Zou Bisou Bisou 
* Featured in January 2014 Line Dancer Magazine, page 46
Gillian Hills
Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3
Yes Intermediate Rumba 2 64

Section 2:  Clogging Cuesheets
** To me, Basic is lower level than Beginner.  This is not the standard in the clogging activity, so keep this in mind when looking at the level.
Dance (click song name for cuesheet) Artist
(link to music video)
Level (including most difficult steps)

All Shook Up
Click here for Music Video

Billy Joel Basic
American Kids (easy beginner) (one page version)
For version with complete step description click here
Click here for Music Video
Kenny Chesney Basic (Rocking Chair, Charleston, Cowboy, Turkey)
Bad Romance
Click here for Music Video
Lady Gaga High Beginner (Samantha, Toe Tapper, cowboy)
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Click here for Music Video
KT Tunstall High Beginner (Samantha, High Horse, Brenda)
Blue Train
Click here for Music Video
John Loudermilk Low Beginner (Charleston, Charleston Brush)
Blurred Lines
Click here for Music Video
Robin Thicke Easy Intermediate (Simone, Samantha, Kentucky Loop 1/4R, Hit Step Vine, Joey, Walk the Dog)
Cliché Love Song
Click here for Music Video
Basim Easy Intermediate (Brushover Vine, Samantha, Crazy Step, Slur Vine Brush 1/2L)
Cowboy Up
Click here for Music Video
Jill Johnson Beginner (Hit Step Vine, Cowboy 1/2, Mountain Basic)
Cry of the Celts Lord of the Dance Soundtrack Basic
Dancin' Party
Click here for Music Video
Showaddywaddy Basic (no double steps - first dance)
Dear Old Donegal
Click here for Music Video
The Hit Crew High Beginner (Hit Step Vine, Crazy Step)
Dear Future Husband
Click here for Music Video
Meghan Trainor Beginner (Clogover Vine, Rocking Chair, Stomp Double, Fancy Double)
Down Home
Click here for Music Video
Alabama Basic
Dr. Wanna Do
Click here for Music Video
Caro Emerald High Beginner (Hit Step Vine, Samantha)
Flowers On The Wall (For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video
Eric Heatherly High Beginner
(Unclog, Flatlander, Joey, Clogover Hit Vine)
Forever and Ever, Amen
Click here for Music Video
Randy Travis Beginner (Swayback, Hit Step Vine)
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Click here for Music Video
Cher Beginner (Hard Step, Joey)
Gypsy Feet 
Click here for Music Video
Jim Reeves Beginner (Charleston Brush, Rooster Run, Fancy Triple)
Gypsy Queen (Beginner)
Click here for Music Video
Chris Norman Basic
Gypsy Queen (Easy Intermediate)
Click here for Music Video
Chris Norman Easy Intermediate
(Hit Step Vine, Stagger Lee, Joey, Hard Step)
He's Italiano
Click here for Music Video
Elena Fea. Glance Easy Intermediate (FAST)
(Hit Step Vine, Samantha, Joey)
I don't want this Night to End
(I have a private YouTube video of this dance.  Email me.)
Click here for Music Video

Luke Bryan High Beginner (Summey Vine, MJ Twist)
I Don't Want This Night to End
Click here for Music Video
Luke Bryan Basic
I Saw Linda Yesterday
Click here for Music Video
Blackjack Basic
Ice Cream Freeze  (For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video
Miley Cyrus Beginner
(Crossover Rock, Bad Stamp, Triple Twist, Over the Log)
How-to Video
Demo Video
Irish Washerwoman
Click here for Music Video
The Jumping Jewels Basic (fast)
It's A Little Too Late
Click here for Music Video
Mark Chesnutt Beginner (Charleston, Hard Step)
It's Good to be Alive
Click here for Music Video
Imelda May Beginner (Charleston, Hard Step)
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Bikini (For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video
Bryan Hyland High Beginner (Brushover Vine)
Jamba   (For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video

Click here for Dance Video
Anjulie High Beginner (Catawba, Pigeon, Samantha)
Liquid Lunch
Click here for Music Video
Caro Emerald Beginner (Clogover Slur Vine, Slur Vine Brush)
Little White Church (For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video

Little Big Town High Beginner
(Crazy Step, Bo Weevil, Samantha, Brushover Vine)
Live While We're Young
Click here for Music Video
One Direction Beginner (Scotty 1/4R)
Love Done Gone
Click here for Music Video
Billy Currington Basic
Click here for Music Video
Great Big Sea Beginner (Clogover 4, Stomp Double)
Click here for Music Video
Little Mix ft. Charlie Puth Beginner (Cowboy, Fancy Triple, Turkey, Slur Vine Brush)
Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer
(For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video
Billy Currington Beginner (Slur Basics, Triple Brush, Cowboy)
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Click here for Music Video
Derek Ryan Beginner (Slur Vine, Cowboy)
Redneck Woman
Click here for Music Video
Gretchen Wilson Beginner (Samantha, Joey, Brushover Vine)
Rock Paper Scissors
Click here for Music Video
Katzenjammer Beginner (Stomp Double, Cowboy)
Rolling in the Deep (for one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video
Adele High Beginner
(Brushover Vine, Heel Toe Vine, Summey Vine)
Sister Kate
Click here for Music Video
The Ditty Bops Basic (Cowboy, Unclog)
Stuck Like Glue (For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video
Sugarland Beginner (Bad Stamp, Rooster Run)
Tall, Tall Trees (For one-page version, click here)
Click here for Music Video
Alan Jackson Basic
Thanks a Lot
Click here for Music Video
Robert Mizell Basic (+ Unclog Basic)

Thousand Miles from Nowhere
Click here for Music Video

Dwight Yoakam Basic
Uptown Funk
Click here for Music Video
Mark Ronson
ft. Bruno Mars
Beginner (Clogover Loop, Cowboy)
Vegas Baby
Click here for Music Video
Si Cranstoun Basic
Wagon Wheel
Click here for Music Video
Darius Rucker Basic
What Was I thinkin'
Click here for Music Video
Dierks Bentley High Beginner (Stagger Lee, Samantha, Joey, Hard Step, Hit Step Vine)
Wild in your Smile
Click here for Music Video
Dustin Lynch High Beginner
(Brushover, Bad Stamp, High Horse, Samantha, Toe Tapper)
Your Backyard
Click here for Music Video
Burton Cummings High Beginner (Hit Step Vine, Samantha, Joey, Toe Tapper, Fancy Triple)