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Nina's Hillside Garden, Kimberley, British Columbia

440 Spokane St., Kimberley, BC  V1A 2E9
(250) 427-4681
Please call if you would like to inquire about reservations.
(This is a personal web page; please do not email me for reservations.)

In Kimberley, B.C., there is a most unique Swiss Chalet-type home built on a steep hillside by a beautiful couple named Roland and Nina.

They moved into their home in 1985, and gradually built on to it, a little at a time, until it was a most picturesque and impressive work of art.  In 2000, they opened their courtyard to the public during July, August and September, for lunch specials.

This summer (2008), a girlfriend of mine took me there, and I was so impressed that I brought my husband and visiting family there a few more times.  This is a sanctuary on a hillside, and I obtained permission to put some of my photos on my website. 

If you are ever in the Kimberley area during the summer, be sure to plan lunch at Nina and Roland's. They will welcome you with open arms (and a kiss & hug!) and make you feel comfortable and welcome ... and well fed.

Enjoy the photos.  Nina and Roland .... Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for sharing your home. Your place is one of Canada's most lovely landmarks!


On the way up the hill, there is a miniature village of Swiss buildings.

The mini village includes a pizzeria, and a church! 
My hand shows the proportion of the door to one of the mini buildings.
You must look everywhere, as there is so much detail everywhere.

Hanging baskets, waterfalls, fountains, carvings... so much for the eye to behold!
Here are me & Trev enjoying the ambiance. Roland and Nina are always busy.  Roland does most of the cooking, Nina and her staff serve it to the guests.
The courtyard seats several dozen guests, with a range of seating areas.
A beautiful gazebo is one of the covered places to sit and enjoy your lunch,
 with a view overlooking the city.

    Inside one of the "doll houses".  
When you visit Nina's Hillside Garden, take your time and walk around, take some photos.
Roland is not only a talented carpenter, he is also a chef. 
And the food!  It's to die for.  Substantial, delicious food made right there on the premises, mostly by Roland but also by Nina.  If you leave hungry, it's your own fault!
The pictures below were taken August 15, 2017.
Nina and Roland are still going strong, and we are thankful that they are keeping their lovely garden open.


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