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Welcome to the world of Karen and Trevor. All personal photos on this website are
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Free Web Design Sets

I am not an expert at computer graphics, but I sure do enjoy it. I use Paint Shop Pro for most things, and Xara 3D sometimes.  Help yourself to anything you see here.  No strings attached, no need to link to me.  I wouldn't mind if you let me know where you use them so I can have a look, though!

These are web graphics for those who want to design their own home page.  They include a background, pertinent buttons, bars & bullets.  Right mouse click on a graphic and choose "Save Image As" and save locally.  Do not link to my website because, well, I keep moving it, for one thing, but also because you use MY BANDWIDTH and this costs me one way or another. Thanks, and enjoy.

Blue Steel |  Pink Piller

Gold Bar

Mr. Bubbles  |  Clowning Around

Oh Canada!

Christmas  |  Santa

Curved Border

Fun Stuff

Gold Square Dance

Holy Cross  | Little Angel

Jasmine  |  Pink Abstract


Yellow Lily |  Yellow Roses

Flower Garden  |  Roses 

Strawberries  |  I love Chocolate!


Water Drops


Wild Animals  |  Wilderness


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