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January 2014
My Zou Bisou Bisou easy intermediate level rumba dance is featured in Line Dancer Magazine, page 46 of the January issue.

April 1
, 2013
Line Dancer Magazine has published my Banana Coco dance!! Thank you!!!! It's on page 41 of the April issue.

January 24, 2013
Last night I received The World Line Dance Newsletter and was ecstatic to see that my dance September in the Rain made it to the "Most Taught" dances in the monthly Kickit survey for January.  Thank you!

December 31, 2012
My latest dance, September In The Rain, has been recognized as Copperknob's Top 10 Most Popular Dances 2 weeks in a row!

December 1, 2012
I am honored to be included in the's Christmas Compilation of Line Dances.  My dance called Groovy Little Summer Song has been selected as one of the Beginner Level line dances. It will be done to the music of Michael Bublé and Thalia singing Feliz Navidad.
My thanks to Edie Driskill.

I started dancing when I was 14 years old. 
For six years I called square dancing and paid my way through university doing that.

In 1983 my husband (Trevor) and I met on the dance floor and have been dancing together ever since.

We do A2 level square dances in the winter months with renowned callers Joe Saltel and Darryl Lipscomb, and Jerry Story.

We also do Phase V-VI choreographed ballroom dancing and take workshops every week in the winter to keep up with the new releases.

Trevor joins me with beginner level line dances
I dance and teach Intermediate and Advanced Levels.
I have choreographed over 150 dances.

I am also an easy-intermediate level  clogger, and a clogging cuer & instructor. 
I choreograph some of my own dances.

My choreography for both Line Dancing and Clogging can be found here.  


Thoroughly Modern Millie
Improver, no tags/restarts

The Water is Wide
Intermediate Nightclub

Those were the Days
Beginner, multi-tempo

You're The Top Cha
Improver 64-count cha cha

Absolute Beginner, fun music

Nancy Mulligan
Beginner Level, Irish

Love on the Brain
48-count Viennese Waltz
Demo Video here

Af en Af
Beginner level, super fun
Copyright issues won't allow sound

Merengue in the Sun
Improver Merengue
Choreographed with Jenifer Wolf

My Tango Baby
Low Intermediate Tango

Phrased AAB dance

But I do
I don't know why I love you but I do
Beginner level 64 counts 2 walls
Featured by LineDanceDallas

Heaven With You
Beginner Level Waltz
Featured by LineDanceDallas

Zou Bisou Bisou
Intermediate Rumba
Featured by LineDanceDallas

Featured by JulietLam
Featured by KwanLinda

Banana Coco
Featured in April 2013 issue of Line Dancer Magazine!
Improver Level
Cha Cha

September In The Rain *
Made Copperknob's Top 10 Most Popular Dances!
Beginner Level Foxtrot
Music by Rod Stewart
Demo and Tutorial by LineDanceDallas

All personal photos on this website are property of Karen Tripp and shall not be used elsewhere without my permission. 40  years of dancing!

On November 29th, 2014, I celebrated my 40th anniversary
of my graduation from square dancing. 
Trevor and I
continue to enjoy A2 level dancing
 during the winter months in South Texas.

"Nuline" Line Dancing
Line dancing to pop & ballroom music
** A world-wide dance activity **
Karen Tripp
Instructor & Choreographer

The Cranbrook Line Dance Club dances during the Spring/Summer/Fall months
April to October
 Our club offers FOUR levels of dancing, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.

For details on where and when, click here:
Cranbrook Line Dance Club

Over 150 Line Dances
choreographed by Karen Tripp


Choreographed (Cued) Ballroom Dancing
40 years experience

What is it?   Originally called "round dancing", cued ballroom dancing began as a spin-off of the Square Dance activity.  It is COUPLES DANCING, done in couples, in a line-of-dance rotation, whereby every couple does the same dance steps according to the dance choreography. The dancing is cued, therefore no memorization is required.  Dancers attend workshops to learn the routine, and figure clinics to learn the steps.  "Party dances" are generally held in the evening, where we can dance from 2 to 4 hours according to the level of dance we enjoy.  In South Texas, there are many cuer couples, and plenty of dancing from Phase I through VI. 
Videos and cuesheets from dances we have learned are on this website:

Another cuesheet website is here:

There are a couple of websites which contain videos of the dances, however, they are password protected.

Example of Choreographed Ballroom dances we have enjoyed:

Remember When
Phase V+1+1 Slow Two-Step

You've got a Friend In Me
Phase VI Foxtrot

Tango Eljana
Phase IV Tango  

Square Dancing
40 years experience

Did you think square dancing was for squares?  Think again!  This activity has many levels, ranging from
Basics to Mainstream, to Plus, to A1, to A2 (now called Full Advanced), C1 (Challenge level), C2, C3A, C3B, C4. 

If you are not familiar with the levels of square dancing, visit this site and click on any level up to and including Advanced
to see the moves we dance to routinely, 2-3 times a week during the winter.


Joe Saltel calling A2 on a regular
Tuesday morning during the winter.

Darryl Lipscomb calling A2 on a
regular Friday morning during the winter.
Joe Saltel calling A2 on a regular
Tuesday morning during the winter.

Clogging Dances Choreographed
by Karen Tripp

For more videos of me clogging, or cueing, click here.

I'm the one in the skirt!
Nationals in Dallas

I'm the one in the skirt!
Nationals in Dallas

May 2015 Kootenay Stomp
Creston, BC - Exhibition Dance