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Karen's Digital Photos

Our Garden 2002

If you want to see an aerial view plan of the property, indicating the Nature Trail and the special attractions on the way, click here.

yd1.jpg (54325 bytes)  yd4.jpg (119410 bytes)

1 - going up the main steps
2 - "flocks" in full bloom

panorama of yard 2002.jpg (120640 bytes)
Panorama view - I knelt down and took several
shots, then blended them on the computer.

yd3.jpg (68716 bytes)  yd2.jpg (386236 bytes)

1 - Trevor doing some gardening
2 - lots of Romaine lettuce in the garden

Dscf0007.jpg (42734 bytes)  Dscf0008.jpg (34869 bytes)
1 - Going up the main steps
2 - Edge of the north steps, stone wall planter

Dscf0009.jpg (48985 bytes)  Dscf0010.jpg (44575 bytes)
1 - Looking at the house from the driveway
2 - Looking at the garden from the same spot

Dscf0011.jpg (52517 bytes)  Dscf0012.jpg (51872 bytes)
1 - Looking South from the driveway
2 - Closer look of same

Dscf0013.jpg (45118 bytes)  Dscf0014.jpg (35663 bytes)
1 - Looking north from the West side of the yard; the garden is to the left and BELOW this flower bed
2 - Standing on the porch looking South along the edge of the forested area; irises

Dscf0015.jpg (44754 bytes)  
1 - Standing on the porch stairs at the front entrance looking down
2 - Standing on the porch on the West side looking toward the garden