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Pharr South Computer Club

Documents are formatted to be printed two-sided, with a binding edge down the center (i.e. binder or cerlox coil).

Pharr South - a Gated Adult Community

Part of  my contribution to this volunteer-oriented Park was to lead the Computer Club.  We met almost every week from November until March, from year 2000 till 2005.  I wrote dozens of lesson plans, all created in newsletter-style format, 4 pages complete with screen captures.

There is a large television screen as a monitor, hooked to a laptop computer.  A four-page handout is distributed by email earlier in the week so that participants know what to expect on class day.  See the chart on the left to see what kind of information the club has received in the last few years.

At year end, to show their appreciation, the club hosts an appreciation party, with entertainment and goodies.  

Available for download are the last 5 issues. You can email me for individual handouts, but I do not have DSL and sending attachments by email is very slow for me.  Be aware of that when asking for more than one at a time.

Windows users can unzip these files using WinZip, and Mac users can use Zipit.

Last 5 issues:

2005, March 04, Intro to Paint Shop Pro

2005, February 18, Digital Photos

2005, January 14, Website Creation

2004, December 10, Microsoft Word Basics

2004, December 3, Microsoft Word Tips

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You can email me if you want me to send you the handout(s) as an attachment.   MS Word is required to be able to open them.

If you would like a CD with all 52 handouts, please contact me by email.